Infinity Rose

Real roses dipped in gold or silver.

Special rose gifts made from the highest quality raw materials

Infinity Rose roses are made from exceptional, real, hand-picked roses.

Once fully in bloom and when our roses are regarded as perfect, they are chosen and the manufacturing process begins. The first step is to add a clear coating to the rose to support its shape and structure.

After that, the electro-plating process gets underway by adding base layers for strength, and then the rose moves on for electro-plating in either gold or silver. Many thin layers of these precious metals are added over many weeks.

When the manufacturing process has completed, the roses are very strong, keeping in mind they started their life as a flower. Infinity Roses can be picked up and viewed and apprciated often and will not break, unless they are mishandled with a lot force or dropped onto a hard surface.

Our quality control team makes sure that every rose is superb and ready for our customers, and all our roses have a lifetime warranty on defects. And each rose comes with an authenticity certificate, so if you are not satisfied with your purchase just return it to Infinity Rose within 90 days for a complete refund.

Be cautious of imitations

Cheap and fake gold-dipped roses are a popular item online, but please be aware that those roses and other products are often sub-standard fakes that do not go through the proper electro-plating manufacturing process.

Simply look and feel at those products and you can imediately see that they are much lighter in weight and are clearly poorly-made reproductions.

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