Traditional anniversary gifts

Every anniversary is potentially celebratory, for we are giving a chance to thank our loved ones for the good times. As the years or decades pass, tradition tells us we like to celebrate these occasions by returning loving thoughts to the family and friends we hold so dear.

The commemorating of such occasions with unique gifts make these events more extraordinary, because they’re the ones that are remembered. Everyday gifts like books and music can be good, but why not give a present that is unlike any other? Something that will not only show symbolism but will be remembered.
Traditionally, a 1st Wedding Anniversary gift is something made from paper, as paper is representative of new connections and how they are still quite fragile at this early stage. Memoirs can be penned from this point and onwards.

2nd Wedding Anniversaries are celebrated with cotton, for cotton represents the freshness and flexibility of a new relationship.
Giving China denotes speciality and fragility and is the appropriate present for a 20th wedding anniversary. In other words it means that you need to eternally look after each other. You should look back at the old times but also look forward to many more years together.

Celebrating ones 25th wedding anniversary is also a huge event, since a quarter of a century is certainly a lengthy period of time. Long ago, silver was given as a gift for when that that milestone was reached. Silver is one of the classic precious metals and is timeless. Silver will forever be a classic and loved gift.

Half a century with the same person is incredible. What a journey together! Gold is the traditional anniversary present that is related with 50th wedding anniversaries. Gold shows wisdom and knowledge, while at the same time showing affection and care. Visit us at when you want to make that forever-lasting impression.